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independance Independence and excellence are the hallmarks of the Cabinet d’expertise Jean François Raffin’s success and the reason why our certificates are Internationally accepted and recognized as  reference .

We do not retail bows as we believe that  independent expertise should be separated from the trade activity.

TrefoilsOur authentication process is based on a cross-way study by our three experts, and the certification pends consensus of the three expertise. This binding and rigorous method guarantee  the excellence and the independence our certificates.


The certificates of authenticity “Raffin” are the most widely recognized bow certificates. Internationally accepted they are official documents of expertise, which certifies the origin of a bow and identifies the bowmaker, the workshop where the instrument was made or the School corresponding to a Master bow maker.

The certificate of authenticity is the only real guarantee of the sustainability of your investment/instruments, it is therefore essential to have your instrument certified.

If you have a bow  that you would like certified, we will pleased to make an initial free assessment. Then if you would like us to provide you  a certificate, we will charge  for the service ( 5 % without  taxes, or 3% without taxes for registered professional).

Tailored Services for:

Players, Orchestra

With a unique position in the international market as independent consultant, and the recognition of major insurance company,  our valuations is the guaranty  for an adequate and up to date compensation


From our twenty years experience working with auctions houses, we learned how to create a dedicated valuation service not only tailored  to your workflow but also beneficial to your sales. 


We can provide you with valuation advises and help you assess the right market price for your bows. 


With a unique position in the international market as independent consultant, we offer an impartial and independent advice guaranteeing the safety in your projects. 


We put our expertise and our knowledge of the market at your disposition.


Over the years, in order to respond to the high demand of qualified expertise abroad Jean François Raffin set up  expertise session with stringed-instrument dealers partners in Japan, Switzerland, Korea, Italy and France. Creating an exceptional opportunity for our partner’s customers to benefit from our services first hand.

For more information,about this program of expertise please contact us.

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